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Mon 19 Nov 2012
Author: Mark Farmer
Blue Square Bet Premier

Blue Square Bet Premier

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The Football Conference held its inaugural "Predict the Crowd" Twitter competition on Saturday.

Although Peter Smith is a Luton Town fan, he could not guess the crowd at his own club's match due to the fact they were not playing until Sunday.

Therefore, he opted for a guess of 1,890 at the Blue Square Bet Premier fixture between Macclesfield Town and Ebbsfleet United. He was just six out as the crowd was 1,896 and pipped a few other close calls, especially one from a Wrexham fan.

Peter wins a FREE ticket for a match at Luton Town and was delighted to win. It cost him nothing to enter and he gets that all important ticket.

The Conference will stage the competition at least once a month during the season. To receive a tweet alerting you when you can enter, all you have to do first is 'Follow' @conf_media_man.

This will automatically alert you to when the competition is running next. Entries have to be tweeted between 9am-2pm on the Saturday chosen. You just then guess the crowd at ANY match in ANY of the three Blue Square Bet divisions being played on the day of the competition.

As Peter proved, it does not even have to be a guess at the match where your club is playing. And the winner can choose the FREE ticket for a match at any of the 68 member clubs, providing it is a Conference fixture. The Conference will then make all the necessary arrangements for the winner to collect his/her ticket.

It really is that simple so give it a go! And remember it is open to fans of all 68 member clubs.

The only rule is: One guess per Twitter account across all three divisions.

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